Quality Tree Removal In Farmington Hills MI

Farmington Tree Services in Farmington Hills, MI is your ideal choice for local, reliable and honest tree service. When you want a true professional working on the trees in your yard, call Farmington Tree Services.

We love our trees in Michigan but there are plenty of storms, strong winds, ice and snow that can cause trees to damage power-lines, roof tops, cars and more. It is crucial to keep the trees in your yard maintained throughout the year and, when dealing with dead branches or tall trees, you’ll want a reliable company to safely work on your trees.

Farmington Tree Services offers tree trimming in Farmington Hills MI and serves the metro Detroit area. Our qualified crew can assess the tree you need worked on and determine the best approach to trim or remove it. With a professional tree climber on-hand, you can rest assured that the experts are here to trim your tree correctly and safely.

If you are tired of trying to find the right tree trimming company that has experience with the maple trees and pine trees that flourish then you’ll want a company like Farmington Tree Services in Farmington Hills MI. We work on all types of trees and are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to trim your trees whether it is for aesthetic purposes or for safety.

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Trees planted decades ago may now be dangerously close to your home with the possibility of dead branches and weakened limbs easily being let go during a storm. This could lead to damaged roofs, windows, cars or other property. Even if you avoid damage to the house itself, there are still plenty of chances for these branches to turn into frustrated yard work as you try to clean the mess in the wake of a storm; some fallen branches may even be too heavy to remove on your own.

At Farmington Tree Services we can take a look at the trees around your home and create a plan tailored to your interests. When you need tree service in Farmington Hills MI, we can be the ones to provide you with dependable and affordable tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services.

Why Choose Farmington Tree Services?

  • Our company offers free estimates.
  • Our company is licensed/insured in the state of Michigan.
  • We have decades of experience.
  • Our founder is a professionally trained tree climber.
  • We can provide emergency services. Just give us a call at (248) 795-5970.

On top of this, Farmington Tree Services believes in providing stellar customer service which includes being insured so that, when you hire us, you and your property are protected from accidents or damage that may incur while we are removing the tree. Safety is our biggest concern for our employees and customers which is why we only use well-trained crews and well-maintained equipment to complete any tree trimming or tree and/or stump removal.

Farmington Tree Services Promises:

  • We offer a free on-site estimate and provide the amount in which the homeowner is expected to pay. This way there are no surprises upon completion of the job.
  • We can honor special requests. For instance, after cutting down a tree, you may want the wood for fire or you may want stump removal as well. Just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.
  • Customers come first so we can supply a wide variety of options. This approach has allowed us to thrive as a tree removal company in Farmington Hills MI.

Tree Removal Farmington Hills MI

Farmington Tree Services has the qualified and professionals crews capable of working on a variety of trees, landscapes and properties. Our professional tree climber is experienced in reaching the high branches and trimming or removing them safely, meaning you truly can depend on us to provide you with the best work possible.

Contact us at (248) 795-5970 to discover why Farmington Tree Services is a highly-regarded tree removal and tree trimming company in Farmington Hills.