Tree Planting Services In Farmington Hills, MI

At Farmington Tree Services we believe in planting as many trees as we can. Even though our main job is focused on tree removal around Farmington Hills, we know that planting trees is just as important. Planting trees not only is good for the environment, but it can help enhance the beauty of your property, help with the privacy of your yard, act as a windbreaker and help build habitats for wildlife.

Tree cover can also help lower air conditioning bills by creating shade and other cooled areas of your yard. Everyone knows that trees help improve the quality of our air by absorbing CO2 and other pollutants along with collecting dust and odors.

We believe that trees are an investment all homeowners should make. Even though we remove trees, our main focus is to remove dead or dying trees so that they can be replaced by healthy, strong trees that will last for generations to come.

How Can We Help You With Tree Planting?

Many of our customers who use our tree removal services also ask us to plant new trees in their yard. We know it can be an investment where you need to know what trees work best for your yard and soil type. We can help you understand the best placement of your new trees which will help them grow healthy and strong as well as where you should never plant trees that could become hazards once fully grown.

Whether you need a few trees, or a full landscaping job, we are able to offer you a detailed plan that is customized to your needs. Planting trees can be hard work, so its important that you hire a well qualified company who knows what they are doing.

If you are planning on spending hundreds of dollars on new trees, wouldn’t it be wise to hire a company who can help you plant them in the optimal places so they are less likely to die? Give us a call if you need tree planting services in Farmington Hills, or the surrounding areas.

We buy our trees from local nurseries and will show you the best native species for our area. This is important for the survival of the tree or bush you choose as well as it will help create a habitat for wildlife and birds.

Just a word of caution, not all trees sold at local stores are native to Michigan and even though they have a cheap price, they are more likely to die within the first year. Many larger brand stores sell trees that are shipped in from other states and are not used to our environment.

Give us a call today if you have any questions about our tree planting service: (248) 795-5970