Storm Damage Cleanup In Farmington Hills, MI

After a storm has passed through our area, there is a good chance you might have a downed tree. It is important to call us quickly as our schedule fills up fast for a few days after the storm has passed – (248) 795-5970

Farmington Tree Services has the experience needed for hazardous tree removals. We have the right equipment for the job, whether we need to remove the tree with our bucket truck or our large crane. We can still offer you a free estimate which will require us to see the site. This will help us determine which equipment we will need for the job.

Before a storm hits our area, it is always best to be well prepared. This includes hiring us as your tree trimming experts. Trimming trees will get rid of dead or dying branches as well as will help the tree to grow stronger. During a storm be sure to stay far away from any dangerous trees as many injuries happen from falling debris and falling branches.

We Can Help You Prevent Storm Damage

We can help you prevent storm related issues before a storm hits our area. For example, if you have a dying tree on your property or maybe you have a tree that is leaning towards your home, it might be a good time to get it removed. Check to see if you have large branches hanging over your home as well. If you do we can prune them or remove them from the tree. Just because we remove a tree does not mean you can’t replace it with a new one. We offer tree planting services and its our goal to plant more trees than what we remove.

There are instances where lightening can permanently damage a tree. Trees get hit by lightening all of the time and sometimes they don’t die or it takes years for the damage to show. If you have a tree on your property that has been hit, please give us a call so we can look at it. Over time the tree will die and could pose a hazard to your safety and your home.

Ice storms are another issue in our area. They weight down on trees and limbs and sometimes can knock over an entire tree. These are issues we are well experienced in and can help with any storm related damage.

If you have storm damage, storm debris or if you want us to come out and assess one of your trees, give us a call today – (248) 795-5970